Fairview Memorial Gardens

Serving Families since 1925

Fayetteville's Finest Perpetual Care Cemetery

Fayetteville's Finest Perpetual Care Cemetery

Fairview Memorial Gardens is Fayetteville's finest perpetual care cemetery. We have gained invaluable experience in helping grieving families as we have served the community since 1925.

At Fairview Memorial Gardens we adapt to the fast changing times while maintaining the age old burial traditions. We strive to provide our families an array of options from traditional burial spaces to our newly landscaped lakeside cremation estates. Please contact us for additional information.

Options Available

Options Available

  • Mausoleum Crypts
  • Lawn Crypts 
  • Veteran’s Garden
  • Private Estates 
  • Cremation Ground Spaces 
  • Lakeside Private Cremation Estates
  • Lakeside Columbarium Niches 
  • Upright Monuments 
  • Flat Bronze Markers

Rules & Regulations

  • Funeral flowers, holders, containers, baskets, and easels will be removed five days after the funeral service.

  • Other than at the actual time of the funeral, wreaths, easels, baskets, and potted plants are not permitted at any time.

  • Glass containers, tin cans, breakable plastic containers, potted arrangements, plants, and shepherd hooks are not permitted any time.

  • No statues, ceramic ware, glass, cement, porcelain, metal, or figurines of any kind are permitted at any time.

  • Planting of live flowers, shrubs, or trees are not permitted at any time.

  • Artificial flowers pertinent to the season and in attached permanent vases are permitted at any time.

  • Flowers placed in the ground are not permitted and will be removed immediately.

  • Special Holiday arrangements and wreaths are permitted from November 15th to January 31st. All such decorations must be secured against strong winds of the winter season. After January 31st all arrangements will be removed and discarded.

  • Memorial Day arrangements and wreaths may be placed the Friday before Memorial Day and will be removed the Monday following Memorial Day.

  • Arrangements for other holidays not in keeping with our floral regulations will be removed at the time of the first mowing after the holiday and held in storage for a period of one week after which they will be discarded.

  • Any floral arrangements will be removed when they become discolored, wilted, seasonally inappropriate or unsightly in any manner.

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